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Scream Movie Night

Scream Movie Night


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The t-shirt features a clever and fun illustration inspired by the iconic movie "Scream." The image depicts the Ghostface killer from the movie, sitting down in a casual and relaxed pose, creating a humorous twist on the horror classic.

The Ghostface character is seen holding an old brick phone, as if he's settling in for a cozy movie night. His signature chilling mask and black cloak are still recognizable, but he has a more laid-back and amusing demeanor in this setting.

Between Ghostface's legs rests a tub of popcorn, spilling over the brim, and you can almost imagine him reaching in for a handful while enjoying his film. The popcorn is perfectly buttered and salted, adding a delightful touch to the scene.

To Ghostface's side, there is a slightly crushed beverage container with a lid and a straw. The straw pokes out at an angle, indicating that he might have accidentally crushed the cup in excitement. This showcases a quirky and relatable aspect of the character while adding a humorous element to the design.

Overall, this t-shirt image combines elements of horror and humor.It would be a perfect choice for fans of the movie who enjoy a good laugh and appreciate a unique and creative design.

This digital design is  perfect for sublimation, water-slide printing, or framing as a picture at work? The design comes in both JPEG and PNG and is perfect to use in any art project to sell as a commercial. We are not responsible for printing or other end-user errors. To print, you must have a printer. To use this sublimation, you must have a sublimation printer and heat press. Please keep in mind that no physical item will be delivered. Ready to download on your device once your payment is confirmed. No waiting, no shipping fees.
Prior knowledge of sublimation is needed to use this file. Ensure you have all the required equipment before purchasing as I cannot offer support on any processes. I can only offer support on my files if there is an issue! It is a digital design for sublimation. Due to the nature of this sale, we do not offer refunds. The image will show the size of the tumbler.
Once you purchase, you can use it for personal use or sell physical products only. It cannot be resold as digital prints, shared with other people in digital format, or given to another person in digital format. You are not allowed to upload this file to any 3rd party websites or platforms where you upload the artwork to be printed. Have a great idea for your art projects with our beautiful digital file!

★Product Type: Digital Download
★Digital File Type(s): 1 JPEG, 1 PNG
★Perfect for: sublimation, water-slide printing or to frame as a picture at work
★Created in 300dpi for the highest quality and comes in a PNG and JPEG format

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